The HypnoBirthing® births of my sons

When I fell pregnant with our first son,  I wanted a natural delivery and struggled to find medical providers who were willing to assist and support me. In fact, my gynae said to me that he would no longer be my practitioner if I chose that route.  Being a researcher at heart, I launched my own investigation and found a number of YouTube videos which were distinctly different from what mainstream media made birth out to be.

I saw moms who barely made a sound while breathing out their babies… moms labouring in water, midwives and doulas softly and gently assisting with limited medical intervention. I saw videos where fathers received their babies, placed them gently on mom’s chest, with an uninterrupted golden hour, delayed cord clamping and a gentle breastfeeding process.  These videos had a common denominator – the mothers had all done HypnoBirthing® training.

I just knew right then that this is what I wanted for our family!

I found a HypnoBirthing®practitioner close to us and my husband and I attended the course and started our journey towards a more natural approach to child birth and parenting with the assistance of a midwife and doula. The births of my sons were beautiful experiences and I believe that HypnoBirthing® empowered us to understand the birth process and why it can be easy and comfortable.

Many women and parents today still report a feeling of dis-empowerment in their pregnancy and birth journey. This is why I decided to become a practitioner myself. I want to help parents to take back their power and control by equipping themselves with the same knowledge I know now to be a true manifestation of what birth can and should be…  comfortable, beautiful and empowering for families.

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