About Ohana Nova


Welcome to Ohana Nova.

Ohana means “family” and Nova is“a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness and then slowly returning to its original state over a few months.” I find this such a beautiful metaphor for pregnancy.

Your family is changing and soon a new star will be born. My aim is to assist you in bringing your little star into the world by means of a calm, easy natural birth.

A bit about me

My name is Larisa Louw. I am a mother of two boys, wife to a wonderful husband and Industrial Psychologist by trade. HypnoBirthing® changed the way I see the world and the way I approach parenting. Both my sons were born via natural delivery with HypnoBirthing®. Their births remain with me as a constant reminder of how amazing our bodies are and what we can achieve when we understand how we were designed to birth naturally. It is my passion to assist couples in empowering themselves with the knowledge and tools to achieve a calm, easy, natural birth.